Studio Q Workshops

Whether you are a student, emerging artist or someone who wants to flex your performance skills and build confidence, there are opportunities for you to grow and develop through our Studio Q workshop programs.

Our weekly ensemble classes operate during school term times and provide a fun, supportive and safe learning space for young people aged 5 – 18 and people 18+ who identify as neurodiverse, d/Deaf and/or living with disability. We also offer weekly dance classes for mature aged community members.

Each school holidays we provide a program of one-off drama workshops to keep creative minds engaged between school terms.

Classes take place at The Joan and all Studio Q ensembles come together to perform in a showcase on Q Theatre’s professional stage at the end of the year for their family and friends.

For more information about Studio Q, please download our information kit and click on the images, below.

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Young Artists Ensembles

Starting Out: For Ages 5 - 8

Starting Out: For Ages 5 - 8

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Stepping Up: For Ages <br>9 - 12

Stepping Up: For Ages
9 - 12

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Ignite: <br>For Ages <br>13 - 15

For Ages
13 - 15

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Accelerate: For Ages <br>16 - 18

Accelerate: For Ages
16 - 18

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Accessible Drama Classes

Studio Q Workshops

Access Ensemble

Drama Classes for Ages 18+ Living with Disability More Info & Enrol Now

Dance Classes

Studio Q Workshops

Agile Not Fragile

Dance Classes for Mature Aged Students More Info & Enrol Now