Questions without notice

How can the galaxy be infinite? Is my iPhone spying on me? Why is wet dog smell a thing?

We’re currently on the search for your most infrequently asked (or answered) questions. Kicking off in May, we will be delivering a series of Talks & Ideas events in the Q Theatre. These events will wrestle with big and small questions as they try to get to the bottom of what’s enticing, haunting and motivating the people of Penrith and beyond.

To contribute your question to the mix, simply fill it out in the text box below. While we won’t be able to address each question individually, they will help us paint a picture of what matters to people in this moment.

Some other example questions to get you started…

  • Is there really a big cat roaming the mountains?
  • Why are my feet hot all the time?
  • What should I do when my local representative won’t take action on climate change?

Although we have fields for your name and email, these are optional, so if you want to be incognito, that’s your call.