All Might

All Might is a song from a new musical Jack of Clubs by Nicholas Christo and Paul Smith, commissioned by Q Theatre.

Originally envisioned as part of a live community choir event, this online version was produced as a socially distanced alternative into which local singers could take part.

This project was inspired by St Marys Kid, a rock musical produced by Q Theatre 42 years ago.

Book and Lyrics
Nicholas Christo

Paul Smith

Choral Conductor
Clare Richards

Video Editor
Kris Savic

Lead Vocal
Ryan Gonzales

Paul Smith

Mikayla Burnham
Padraic Costello
Liam Faulkner
Nicholas Geddes
Jacqueline Grunden
Jessie Kristyono
Nicholas Langthorne
Luisa Manosa
Jesse McGrath
Lulu Quirk
Courtney Regan
Lisa Taylor
Tara Tjahadi
Mackenzie Weber
Krystalle Williamson