Monikka Eliah

Monikka Eliah is an Assyrian-Australian writer. She graduated from the University of New South Wales with an Arts degree having majored in English.

Monikka has presented work at the NSW Writers Centre, Studio Stories in Parramatta, Wollongong Writers Festival, Sydney Writers’ Festival, National Young Writers’ Festival, Playwriting Australia Festival, Women In Theatre And Screen’s Festival Fatale and Sydney Festival. As well as that, Monikka was involved in the Girls Write Up Sydney event, helping to workshop stories by young writers.

Monikka Eliah

Her work is published in The Big Black Thing: Chapter One and Two, Sweatshop Women: Volume 1, Runway Journal, Southerly Journal and SBS Voices.

Monikka has participated in National Theatre of Parramatta’s Page to Stage program, Playwrights of Parramatta and CuriousWorks Breakthrough Screen Writing Program.

She was the theatre recipient for the Southlands Breakthrough Award 2018 and Wheeler Centre Just Pretending Fellowship 2020.

Most recently, Monikka has developed a new piece for the Q Theatre’s Short Message Service project, a new performance about intimacy and connection experienced via text message. This special moment of theatre will be delivered to audiences via a series of ten text messages over one hour, and crafted by Sydney based playwrights.

Monikka Eliah’s Short Message Service, titled Fat Free Pizza is happening on Friday 14 August between the hours of 6pm and 7pm. Register for it here.