28 Apr 2022
60 Minutes

Bouncing Back

Talks & Ideas

Join us for another stimulating discussion in our Talks & Ideas series!

Since 2019 we’ve faced bushfires, floods and COVID-19. What did we learn from these challenging times? What is resilience and how do we develop it?

Join comedian and writer Bec Melrose, keynote speaker Skye Tasker, and panellists Beck Dawson, Carina Fernandes and Nathan Harrison for a light-hearted and engaging discussion about resilience and bouncing back.

Is ‘bouncing back’ is a desirable (let alone attainable!) goal for 2022 and beyond? Can we transcend the concept of resilience as more than an individual pursuit and start thinking about how we can orient to an unpredictable and uncertain future, together? Keynote speaker Skye Tasker will draw upon Australian case studies and personal experience to explore how we can collectively channel hope through adversity by drawing upon the wisdom of our youth.


Skye Tasker – PhD Candidate in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University where she researches the intersection of data, technology, and ethics in adolescent health research.


Carina Fernandes – Nurse, volunteer and community advocate

Nathan Harrison – Independent theatre maker

Beck Dawson – Chief Resilience Officer, Metropolitan Sydney


Bec Melrose – Comedian

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28 Apr 2022 6:30 pm

Keynote Speaker - Skye Tasker

Skye Tasker is a PhD Candidate in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University where she researches the intersection of data, technology, and ethics in adolescent health research. Her research aims to illuminate young people’s voice, perspectives, and everyday experiences in digital society during COVID-19 and beyond.

Panellist - Carina Fernandes

Carina is a nurse, community advocate and volunteer. She has been named by the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) as an Emerging Nurse Leader for 2022, a program which gives practicing nurses and students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by participating in a range of mentoring, coaching and professional development activities. Carina earned a place in the prestigious program due to her academic achievements and vast experience in volunteering and community advocacy.

Panellist - Beck Dawson

Beck Dawson is the Chief Resilience Officer for metropolitan Sydney, hosted by the City of Sydney Council as part of R-Cities. Known as “the person paid to worry for Sydney,” Beck champions urban resilience and systems thinking for cities. Since 2015, Beck has led the development and implementation of the Resilient Sydney Strategy, working with governments, business, and the community to build collaboration and investment for a stronger, more connected, and more resilient city.

Panellist - Nathan Harrison

Nathan Harrison is a performer, writer and game-maker. He works as a solo artist and as part of collectives Applespiel and Boho Interactive, creating theatre and games about ecology, complex systems science. Working with scientists he has created live games for the London Science Museum, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Earth Observatory Singapore.

Host - Bec Melrose

Bec Melrose is an award winning writer and comedian. After winning RAW Comedy in 2018, Bec exploded onto the comedy scene, delighting audiences with her razor sharp wit, concealing a socially conscious edge. She’s appeared at the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, The Comedy Store, Giant Dwarf Theatre, opening for Wil Anderson or on tour with the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase.

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