19 Aug 2021
60 Minutes

Big Green

Talks & Ideas - Free online event

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Big Green: From Tench Reserve, to Hunter Fields, to bush walks around Lennox Bridge as well as Jamison and Wainwright Park, we’re looking at the changing landscapes of Penrith and beyond. What makes our city liveable and the sort of place where people can survive and thrive? This talk is about green spaces that were, are and could be.

The Keynote Speaker is Renée Marchin Prokopavicius, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and an ARC DECRA Fellow at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University. Renée is currently investigating how Australian tree species respond to extreme heat by tracking dynamic changes in water use during both natural and experimental heatwaves, and will speak about the importance and benefits of urban greening, current threats under climate change, and some of the work being done to aid in appropriate species selection. Click here to learn more about Renée.

Panellists are: Warwick Winn (General Manager, Penrith City Council), Leigh Staas (Associate Director for Engagement & Research Partnerships – Smart Green Cities, Macquarie University), Heather Chaffey (Manager Sustainable Communities, Wentworth Link), Leanne Tobin (First Nations Artist from Western Sydney region).

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19 Aug 2021 6:30 pm

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