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Callout for Actors: ‘I Lychee You’ Reading

Q Theatre is seeking performers for a reading of I Lychee You, a new play by Kim Pham. This is a closed table reading as part of the play’s development and not a public presentation. There are four roles available. 


Reading date & time: Tuesday 11 June, 10:30am – 2:30pm. 

Venue: Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, 597 High St, Penrith 2750. 

Contact: Rowan Bate, Co-Creative Director, Q Theatre (rowan.bate@penrith.city) 

Fee: $250.00 

To express your interest, email your CV, headshot, and a link to either (a) your showreel or (b) a 1–minute piece to camera of your choosing to qtheatreteam@penrith.city 

EOI due date: Friday 24 May, 5:00pm  

Notification date: Tuesday 28 May 

 Download this notice: Casting Notice_I Lychee You (Play Reading)


About the play: I Lychee You is a story about a mother and daughter. In many ways it is like a lot of stories about mothers and daughters, except in this one, the daughter is inexplicably transformed into a lychee. Once a fruit, 18-year-old Loretta Dang must reconcile generations of quarrels between the living and the dead, enlisting the help of her recently deceased grandmother and squabbling ancestors to help her become human again. Beyond the magic realism of turning into a fruit atop the family’s altar and getting the chance to converse with ancestors from times past, at its core, the seed of the story is about love in its hidden forms of expression. Imagine Pixar’s Bao meets Freaky Friday! 



Loretta, Female 18. A clumsy but hardworking teen about to sit her HSC exams. A loving and dutiful daughter, Loretta feels under pressure to live up to her mother’s high expectations. She longs to take a gap year and see the world before deciding what to study at uni, but worries about disappointing Mẹ. Of Vietnamese background.  

Mẹ, Female late 30s–50s. Single mother to Loretta. Proud and independent, often to the point of stubbornness. Mẹ wants the best for her daughter but struggles to see things from her point of view. Of Vietnamese background.  

Bà Ngoại, Female late 50s–70s. Loretta’s (deceased) grandmother, she appears to Loretta as a vision. A traditionalist, she can be domineering. She doesn’t know what unfinished business has brought her back from the other side, but she’s determined to find out. Of Vietnamese background.  

Chu Hoai, Male late 30s–50s. Generous, cheerful and reliable. An old friend of Mẹ’s from their childhood in Vietnam. Now they’ve reconnected, he hopes their rekindled friendship can become something more. Of Vietnamese background. 


Casting notes: Actors of Vietnamese background are strongly encouraged to express interest.