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All Might Call Out

Q Theatre is inviting local singers and string players to join us in performing a song, All Might from a new musical by Nicholas Christo and Paul Smith.

Originally envisaged as a part of a live performance event, but due to the current health crisis, we have reimagined this project as an online performance piece inspired by Brisbane’s Couch Choir.

Listen to a sample recording of All Might featuring main vocals on piano, choral parts and strings:


Participants will be invited to rehearse their part at home using online resources we’ve prepared, record and submit it to our team! All contributions will be edited into a beautiful version of the song and will be shared online.

“The members of The Western Crows Soccer Club have gathered to pay tribute to their Treasurer (Sylvia Pritchard) who has passed away. The Club President Tim leads the club in honouring Sylvia’s memory and encourages them to see this not as a memorial but a celebration of life. The feel is hopeful, upbeat, positive and ultimately conveys a message of solidarity. Passion over perfection is key here.” – Nicholas Christo about the song All Might



  • Singers – Choir members
  • String players – Violin, Viola, Cello

Level of Experience: Singers and string players of all abilities are invited to take part! No auditions required.

Cost: Free

Applications to be part of All Might are now closed.

Image: Christina Mishell